An Overview to Digital Network Menu Boards

Digital Network Menu Boards

Digital menu boards, also known as commercial display screens, are digital signage solutions used in the restaurant industry to replace traditional static menu boards with dynamic, eye-catching digital displays. These displays are typically installed in various areas of a restaurant, such as the entrance, cashier counters, or near the ordering stations, to engage customers and provide them with an enhanced menu viewing experience.

Here are some key benefits of commercial digital menu boards for restaurant owners:

Dynamic Content: Digital menu boards or commercial display screens allow restaurant owners to easily update and change the content in real time. This flexibility enables them to showcase daily specials, promotional offers, seasonal items, or limited-time offers effortlessly. They can adapt their menu offerings based on inventory availability or time of day, resulting in more relevant and timely information for customers.

Eye-Catching Visuals: Mostly they utilize vibrant colors, dynamic animations, and high-resolution imagery to capture customers’ attention. Engaging visuals and motion graphics can help increase the appeal of menu items, stimulate appetite, and encourage upselling or cross-selling. The visually appealing nature of digital displays can significantly enhance the overall dining experience.

Improved Communication: Commercial digital menu boards provide an effective medium for conveying important information to customers beyond just menu items. They can display nutritional information, allergen warnings, ingredient details, or preparation techniques, assisting customers in making informed choices. Additionally, restaurants can use the displays to communicate their brand story, values, or mission thereby creating a more immersive and memorable experience for customers.

Time and Cost Savings: Updating traditional static menu boards can be time-consuming and costly, requiring manual printing and installation of new menus. Digital menu boards eliminate these expenses and efforts by allowing menu changes to be made instantly and remotely. Restaurant owners can centrally manage and update multiple locations simultaneously, reducing labor costs and ensuring consistency across their establishments.

Upselling and Promotions: With commercial digital menu boards, restaurants can strategically promote high-margin items, combos, or add-ons to increase revenue. Eye-catching visuals, dynamic content, and well-placed call-to-action prompts can help drive impulse purchases and upselling opportunities. The ability to schedule and automate promotional content enables targeted marketing campaigns during specific times of the day, boosting sales during slower periods.

Brand Flexibility and Cross-Promotion: Digital menu boards give restaurant owners the flexibility to cross-promote other offerings, such as special events, loyalty programs, or partnerships. They can integrate social media feeds, customer reviews, or user-generated content to enhance engagement and build brand loyalty. This flexibility allows restaurants to leverage the displays for various marketing initiatives and adapt their messaging to meet specific business goals.

When compared to static menu boards, digital menu boards provide an array of benefits that significantly enhance the dining experience, improve communication with customers, increase operational efficiency, and contribute to higher revenue generation. Their ability to deliver dynamic content, engage customers with captivating visuals and enable real-time updates make digital menu boards a superior choice for modern restaurants seeking to differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

The following features underscore why digital menu boards are the way to go in an ever-evolving restaurant space and also why they are the preferred choice when compared to static menu boards.

Easy Content Management: With digital menu boards, restaurants can centrally manage and update content across multiple locations. Changes can be made instantly and remotely, eliminating the need for manual printing, distribution, and installation of physical menus. This streamlines operations reduces costs, and ensures consistency in menu information across all outlets. At Reddie Technology, we have our own content management system – Reddie Portal – that allows users anywhere in the world to log in and make edits or updates to their displays once they have a stable internet connection and a laptop. This eliminates the need for multiple vendors and gives you the benefit of having hardware and software providers under one roof.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Digital menu boards provide an interactive and informative experience for customers. Showing customers your process while they wait with behind-the-scenes videos or images of food while it is being made is an excellent way to garner engagement and even reduce perceived wait time. Engaging visuals and dynamic content contribute to a modern and memorable dining experience, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Promotional Flexibility: Menu boards enable restaurants to schedule and automate promotional content based on specific times of the day or week. This allows for targeted marketing campaigns, such as happy hour promotions, breakfast specials, or limited-time offers during slower periods. The ability to dynamically adjust and personalize promotions helps maximize sales and drive customer engagement.

Cost and Time Savings: Adopting digital menu boards eliminates the recurring costs associated with printing and updating static menus. Restaurants can save on printing expenses, labor hours, and the inconvenience of physically replacing menus. Digital menu boards offer a more cost-effective solution in the long run, reducing operational expenses and enhancing efficiency.

Brand Consistency and Adaptability: It provides consistent branding and messaging across all restaurant locations. They offer the flexibility to adapt content and promotions quickly to align with marketing campaigns, seasonal changes, or menu updates. This ensures that customers receive consistent information and experiences, reinforcing brand identity and positioning.


By leveraging the benefits of network digital menu boards, restaurants can enhance their overall operations, customer engagement, and profitability. The dynamic nature of the displays, coupled with easy content management, enables restaurants to deliver relevant, visually appealing content that influences purchasing decisions and creates a memorable dining experience.

At Reddie, we offer a wide range of digital signage solutions for restaurants, including professional monitors, ultra-high brightness window signs (double and single-sided), digital drive-thru QLED displays, android advertising displays, digital menu boards for restaurants, and more. Our team of experts can work with you to design and implement a digital signage solution that meets your specific needs and budget. Contact Reddie Technology today to learn more about our digital signage solutions and how they can benefit your business at or by calling 518.881.7782

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