When you think of Digital Signage, corporate offices are not the first environment that most would imagine but it can serve many purposes when used in business environments. Ineffective internal communication is a big problem that many companies face. Keeping staff up to date with a Digital Signage display with news allows them to feel included in the direction of the company. It doesn’t just need to be company statistics posted either, you can use a screen to feature specific achievements, advertise work/social events and even post morale boosting messages. If used effectively organisations can also use signage technology to encourage a more productive work culture by boosting the morale of staff and in turn increasing the quality of work they produce.

The future of business meetings are going to be about collaboration and sharing of ideas. With so much business work now done on smartphones and computers, effective file sharing can be difficult; that’s where our Interactive Touch Displays come in. This kind of revolutionary display is designed with collaborating and sharing in mind and is going to be an essential tool for productive meetings.

Dazzle visitors to your office with Digital Android Advertising Display. Installing Freestanding Digital Posters or Video Walls into your office lobby is a perfect opportunity to control and communicate your corporate message with images and videos. Our 10” POS Advertising Displays can also be used as a room signage system; helping visitors and co-workers know what meetings are happening in each room at any time.

Keeping staff motivated and informed is one of the biggest challenges corporate HR departments’ face, no matter the industry. Digital Signage allows you a dynamic communication avenue to unite a corporation.


say it would be useful if they could display content on screen from their smartphone or tablet during a meeting¹
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say the biggest screen is the best screen for viewing video²
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Suggested Products
LCD Video Wall Digital Signage Screen
  • Go big with your corporate branding and create a real wow moment in your reception or lobby with a Video Wall.
  • Also suitable for board rooms and sales floors for displaying internal sales figures and live information in super large format.
  • Built-in automatic tiling makes configuration simple and cost effective.
  • Made with commercial grade LCD panel and components mean these Video Walls can be in constant use 24/7 and have a lifespan of 70,000 hours.
  • IPS panels make your Video Wall appear bright and vibrant and improve viewing angle.
  • HDMI and VGA are just two of the different inputs that allow you to connect external sources.
Interactive Touch Display Whiteboard
  • Collaboration is now king as you wirelessly mirror from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC direct to the touch screen.
  • Files can now be shared back and forth from the screen to your device with ease as your meetings take place.
  • Your interactive whiteboard allows you to annotate, draw and create meeting magic with the complimentary ‘MeetingPad’ Software included.
  • The integrated Android PC means no external PC is required at all.
  • Optional OPS PC helps to integrate into existing Windows networks.
  • Easy access ports and controls on the front of the screen allow you to easily connect your laptop to the screen.
  • The anti-glare etched glass diffuses direct sunlight meaning images and videos are much clearer.
  • 10 touch points mean multiple people can use the screen at any one time.