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It is not surprising that since the onset of the pandemic and the frequent shut down of restaurants, search terms including words like “drive thru signage”, “drive thru menu” and “drive thru digital menu boards” have been on the rise according to Google.

This is owing directly to the fact that during the pandemic where the restaurant industry can best be described as volatile, the Drive Thru Menu Board has become king. It has allowed restaurants to keep their proverbial doors open and more so, it allowed them the opportunity to maintain their offerings to customers. When many restaurants were unable to allow dine in guests, drive thru lanes and their accompanying drive thru digital menu boards helped a lot of proprietors to either keep revenue streams constant or enabled increase.

The benefits of a drive thru menu board are unending. A digital drive thru menu boards has the potential to increase brand equity. They are among the best ways to get customer attention and increase engagement. The use of animated, non-static content is a more realistic way to depict store menu when compared to prints. Drive thru menu boards also help to lower overheads by eliminating printing costs. It is very easy to update prices, list allergens such as nuts, list caloric value of meals and cross sell or upsell promotional items.

A drive thru menu board helps to alleviate the bottle neck that can sometimes happen in store by giving your customers more options for purchase. It is contactless and allows for all pandemic and post-pandemic protocols.

As reported in QSR Magazine, a study conducted by market research group NPD shows that during the early onset of the pandemic, some restaurants saw drive thru increases by as much as 24%. Drive thru visits represented 42% of overall restaurant visits. When restaurants re-opened in July, the group reported that drive thru visits still increased by 13% and accounted for the highest increase among the service modes of on-premises, carryout and delivery.

There are many options to choose from when considering a drive thru and it is important to select an option that best meets your needs. At Reddie, we have a myriad of options to suite MANY needs. We carry single, double and triple displays. We also offer models with built in speaker posts and canopies. Our displays are available in 32” 55” 75” and are fanless which means they do not require the 6-month maintenance that other brands do.

For more information or a quote on a Reddie Drive Thru Menu, you may contact us here

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