Indoor Menu Board

As much as 76% of Americans have admitted that a digital sign was the cause of them entering a store they hadn’t planned on going into. The digital menu board or digital menu screen has most definitely been among them.

Let’s face it, what better way is there to grab and hold customer attention outside of having them interact with high resolution animated menu items on your very own digital menu display?

Menu boards are almost magical in what they can deliver. Outside of increasing your brand’s awareness and equity, (sidenote: statistically, digital signage has a 47.7% effect on brand awareness) digital menu boards have been said to decrease perceived wait time by as much as 35%. It is possible to optimize your menu board layout and design so that customers waiting in line become so engaged with the content that they shift focus to your offerings rather than wait time.

Some of the top benefits of digital menu boards or LCD menu screens as they are sometimes called are they allow for quick update of information, the display of caloric information, displaying seasonal or limited time offers and displaying allergy information etc. All of these changes that restaurant owners are likely to make are important to your customer’s journey and positively impacting brand perception. Having a digital menu board especially a networked board allows for updates in real time wherever reliable internet connection is present. Our Reddie Content Management System is key in helping owners and operators of single or multi-chain locations update their store offerings with very little turn-around time.

Digital menu boards are integral in helping to save money since they eliminate printing costs whenever there are price changes or updates to be made.

It is also easier to promote and upsell new menu items to your customers. Using your menu board as the first point of contact to introduce new products to is a great revenue booster.

Does your restaurant have a breakfast menu? It is possible to have your networked menu boards schedule to display your breakfast at a certain time and then switch over to display your lunch or dinner menu. That is the epitome of convenience and is helpful in averting confusion in spaces where breakfast options are not served beyond a certain time of the day.

With digital menu boards, the possibilities are endless! If you would like a quote on a Reddie Digital Menu Board or our Network CMS you may contact us here

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