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The Reddie Technology Group is an experienced digital signage manufacturer and distributor specializing in commercial digital signage hardware & software. This is supported by our award-winning Ad division, Reddie Ads (formerly Studio HMG Advertising). Through this arm of the business, we are able to offer fully customized designs for our clients purchasing digital menu boards and other digital signage solutions.

The brand is passionate about its mandate to make digitizing businesses easier and more accessible and as such, its offerings fall under two broad headings: hardware and software. The company’s extensive line caters to the varying needs of small and large businesses that have their influence in a range of different sectors. Among them being Health and Wellness, Food and Beverage, Retail/ Restaurants, Corporate, Education, Financial etc.

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We are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and supplier of indoor and outdoor LCD and LED Digital Signage displays, both touch and non-touch screens.

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Our digital signage CMS allows you to send content remotely, over the internet, from your computer or PC to your digital solutions.

Content Creation

Our Reddie Ads team is on hand and ready to bring your digital display content to life…from thought to finish.

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We have expert, professional installation teams to assist with your various installation needs country wide.


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Our courteous staff provides support to enhance your customer experience online via our chat or via email at or phone 516.881.7782


Call Us and Get it Done

Call Us And get it done

We Have 10+ Years of Digital Signage Experience

Teamwork makes the dream work! At Reddie, we take the time to listen and explore your brand’s needs so we can advance best fits for your digital solutions. We believe that digitizing any business is necessary for brands to thrive in the 21st century and that solutions should be affordable and accessible. We relish the opportunity to partner with you in bringing your goals to life.

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Content Creation 85%
Customer Support 95%
Installation 90%


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The Reddie Group offers a range of services to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. We offer indoor and outdoor hardware digital signage solutions with Touch and Non-Touch capabilities that are great for a number of industries such as Hospitality/Food & Beverage, Retail, Corporate, Health Care, Finance and Education among others


Our indoor product list includes (but is not limited to)

  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Floor Model Temperature Kiosk
  • Wall Model Temperature Kiosk
  • Double and Single Sided Window Signs
  • Android Wall Mounted Advertising Displays
  • Android Free Standing Digital Posters
  • Video Walls
  • Touch Screen Displays
  • 4K Large Format Commercial Displays
  • Self-Serve Kiosk
  • High Brightness Professional Monitors
49 Freestanding Touch Screen


Our outdoor product line starts your customer’s journey long before they ever walk through your doors. Our outdoor line includes but is not limited to:

  • Outdoor Battery Powered A Signs
  • Drive Thru Menu Boards
  • Outdoor Wall Mounted Advertising Displays
  • Outdoor Freestanding Digital Posters


We offer software services with our Content Management System which allows you to create content and deploy it from anywhere in the world via our very own Reddie Portal. Our CMS supports both Touch and Non-Touch solutions and is specifically designed to be used with the displays and media players that we manufacture. Our systems usually do not require the installation of software on your PC nor does it require that you have your own dedicated server since our cloud based digital signage CMS portal can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Content Creation

The Reddie Ads division of Reddie Group is always on standby to assist you with the creative process. For many business owners, figuring out and creating content takes them away from the operational demands of their business. Outsourcing your content creation for any of your digital signage displays to us, is one less thing on your list of things to do. Let us create the content that is sure to get your brand noticed so you can focus on what you do best.


Reddie Group prides itself on being a true turnkey digital signage solutions company. Not only do we offer innovative digital solutions to meet the changing demands of the 21st century business, but we also offer seamless custom installations of any of our indoor and outdoor products. Our team is trained to offer stellar service and quality


We know that digital signage is the way forward for the budding entrepreneur or the established business. We also know that while the signs pay for themselves over time, in terms of what they procure by way of increased visibility and footfall, brand equity and the lowering of recurring printing and shipping costs, owning digital signage is an investment. That is why we have partnered with Ascentium Capital which gives qualifying clients the option of paying “$0 down” – with a follow up payment plan or “90 days no pay” for the purchase of any of our digital signage displays.


At Reddie Group we offer lifetime technical support to our clients and training as well as personal or online support to our resellers and integrators.

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