The banking industry has seen a major shift towards online banking and this shift is making financial organisations rethink how they reach and communicate with new and existing customers. Digital Signage can be a great tool to deliver marketing messages and streamline operations in banks and building societies as they work to keep customers loyal. Over 90% of bank customers visited their branch within the last 3 months so they are important locations for financial institutions to cultivate despite a shift to online banking. They offer a chance to educate customers and enlighten them with deals they may not otherwise know about with impactful display solutions such as our LCD Video Walls. With the ability to display images and videos Digital Signage can give banking brands a great opportunity to visually represent non-physical services they provide. Banks want to attract new customers while also keeping current customers loyal, they have realised Digital Signage is a great communication tool.

With so many banking services now available on smartphones and tablets, Touch Screens are going to be an important tool in branches to impress customers. Our PCAP Touch Screens can act as large commercial grade tablets and the market and sales staff can use them to upsell customers on services they require. They can also be integrated into interactive kiosks to act as a digital cashier for customers, reducing waiting times during busy periods.

59% of people who see Digital Signage want to learn more about the advertised topic¹

Digital Signage has a 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness²

Digital Signage generates 32.8% more in store traffic³

Reddie Technology Group