Corporate spaces have come to embrace digital solutions as a means of managing internal communications among their employees. Finding ways to engage staff, communicate achievements and make announcements are just a few ways employers can leverage digital signage to streamline internal processes. Monitors and even Video Walls for the edgier brands among us are just a few of the products that are useful in world of work.

Digital Posters are a good way to feature key products and services or to help with wayfinding and our 10” POS Advertising Displays can assist to keep both staff and visitors organized by acting as meeting room signage with an electronic display of daily scheduled meeting times complete with corresponding rooms.

May we suggest: Life in the new normal has produced a sharp increase for virtual meetings and collaborative spaces. Reddie understands this all too well and as such, created the Interactive Whiteboard to meet the needs of an increasingly virtual workspace. Our Interactive Whiteboard sits at the center of collaboration and sharing and has features designed with productivity in mind

90% say it would be useful if they could display content on screen from their smartphone or tablet during a meeting¹

63% say the biggest screen is the best screen for viewing video²

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